Irish Rail

  1. I object to the taking and demolition of Ashtown Stables.

  2. I object to a tunnel for Ashtown, with or without CCTV.

  3. I am in favour of Irish Rail choosing an option for Ashtown that does not interfere with Ashtown Stables.

  • Irish Rail, through the DART+ West project is planning to DEMOLISH ASHTOWN STABLES.

  • Ashtown Stables is in favour of improving public transportation, but is against the current ‘preferred option’ for Ashtown (Option 2).

  • Option 2 includes the complete annihilation of Ashtown Stables and the addition of a dangerous tunnel to Mill Lane.

  • Alternative options do not involve the destruction of Ashtown Stables. However, these options were prematurely dismissed by Irish Rail, without adequate public consultation.

  • In order to stop the needless destruction and segregation of our community, we need as many submissions sent to Irish Rail.

Submissions sent to: and Ashtown Stables.